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Cintya messaged me after she fell in love with a shot from a previous mommy and me session. She had her heart set on getting magical moments between her and her princess. We spent the evening under the warm sun celebrating motherhood and the strong bond between a mother and her child. Adorned with gowns from Sew Trendy Accessories and Dollcake, the danced and played and snuggled across the Friendswood Park that served as a playground for their session. They had a great time popping bubbles and dancing as the sun set. Their laughs and giggles filled the air and resonated throughout the field. And what mommy and me session wouldnt be complete without a tickle fight?! Little princess will remember this session forever as the time she got dressed up with mommy and just loved on her with hear whole heart.

Moms, when was the last time YOU dressed up with your princess? Regardless of where you are in life or what your reflection looks like in the mirror, you are her hero. You are her role model; the perfect example of what it is to be a woman and to be a mother. Celebrate that bond and cherish it always. They will only be little for a moment and in the blink of an eye, they are showing YOU all that you taught them. In your child’s eyes, you are flawless and beautiful. You are timeless and exquisite. They dont see the extra pounds you’ve gained since the holidays. They see the family meals you’ve shared and the birthday cake you’ve had with them celebrating another year you were blessed as a mother. They dont see crow’s feet and smile lines, they see many summer afternoons of laughter and jokes and playing in the sun. A session just for moms and their littles is a perfect way to freeze that moment forever, for your babies to always have mommy’s loving look no matter where life takes them.









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