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Every year, the kiddos go out of their way to do something super special for my birthday. My daughter, Pooka, will cry because she thinks me getting older means I’m going to die soon; the baby, Nugget, will make some witty smart alley remark about me getting old; and the boys will draw handmade cards all week long. Perfection! But this year, I had my heart set on 2 sessions: one stylized in outfits I picked (this is worth gold to a momtog) and the second an updated versoin of my very first canvas of my kiddos.


Goodness how they have changed!! I remember Nugget’s curlies! Everyone fussed at me that he looked like a girl but I didn’t care. I knew the min they were cut off they would never come back. And they haven’t. My boys are no longer little boys but rather litte dudes. And my princess, well she’s still a princess!

Looking back on this photo, I can’t help but reflect on how much my babies have grown. It breaks my heart they will never be little again. Not an ounce of baby fat anymore. No more chubby rolls or late night breastfeeding snuggles.

Six months after my birthday, I am finally editing a few faves from our Paint War 2016 session. And even though they aren’t little, they still are my whole heart. They have grown in to such amazing, spirited, individuals full of life and love who by no means are afraid to voice their opinions (yes, we all know where they got that from…).



So here it is world, the essence of my being, the air in my lungs, and the beat in my heart….these four munchkins will always and forever be my babies that I will love with all I am for all of eternity.

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