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It’s That Time Again!

Houston Unicorn mini sessions are here! I get emails, messages, texts, Morris code and pigeon notes all year long asking when will the unicorn minis be! One of my most sought after mini sessions and justly so as these are a magical experience like no other! So here is a little Q&A blog post to help everyone know the who’s, what’s, and why’s!

Will you be doing Houston Unicorn photos again?
Each session is never promised. The plan is to do these in the Spring time then again in August or September. But nothing is ever set in stone as life happens, schedules fill up, and time just rushes by before I even realize it!

How many people can be in the photos?
The price is for 2 people/kids. For each extra kiddo is $50 but after 4 kids, depending on ages, it might be a better idea to purchase 2 back to back spots rather than just one.

How young is too young for these Unicorn minis?
Babies are more than welcome to join if there is someone to hold them! We do get just a few photos of babies alone with our Houston unicorn, but having an older sibling, cousin in the photos makes these super sweet memories. These also make amazing Mommy and Me photos!

Is 15 minutes enough time??
YES! I tell parents if you think your kiddo needs more time to warm to our unicorn, come a little early and let him/her watch the kids before you so they can see how much fun they have!

Is wardrobe provided?
YES! We make it our goal to have at least one dress in everyone’s size (excluding adults). We do have gorgeous gowns for adults as well but not in all sizes. You are more than welcome to stop by our studio to look through dresses and accessories so come picture day you know what you are wearing! We also have crowns and accessories!

Where are these photos taken?
Houston Unicorn Mini Sessions are in Southeast Houston, close to Hobby airport. Details such as location, time, etc will be emailed to everyone the week of the mini sessions!

What time slots are available?
This info will be sent out the week of the mini sessions once we get a better idea of what the weather will be like. If you have lived in Houston long enough, you’ll know that the weather can be all 4 seasons in one day!

What if it rains?
Well, first, let’s all take a minute to knock on wood!! I’m not superstitious, but why risk it? If we reschedule because of rain, that call will be made at the very last minute. As inconvenient as that is for most, it is the lesser of two evils. Order appointment dates that are 2 weekends after will serve as our backup dates.

Do the three included prints have to be the same images?
Absolutely not! Since we do not sell “sheets,” each photo can be a different image. At your order appointment 2 weeks after your session, you will select your images and purchase any extras if you’d like! As with all our sessions, gift prints (8x10s and smaller) start at $50 each and wall art (11×14 and bigger) start at $300 each. Again, you are more than welcome to visit us at the studio to see our amazing product line in person!! We are by appointment only so give us a buzz!

Unicorn minis have been dear to my heart since I started them with my own little princess. Growing up, I sort of had a weird freakish obsession with unicorns and their magic. I hope to share that magic with your kids and families! Houston Unicorn photos are great for everyone of all ages! So do not be shy!

The Details!


Sessions will be in Southeast Houston on March 4th and 5t. Each booking includes 15 mins, one 8×10 print and two 5×7 prints and access to our prop wardrobe. We will have at least one dress in every size! Sessions are for up to 2 kiddos and 15 mins. Additional products may be purchased! Your images will be ready for an in person view and order appointment that will take place on March 18-19 from 9am-1pm at our studio.

To book, send us your PayPal/email for invoicing of the $150 plus tax retainer fee. Remaining balance of $200 is due at your session!
Houston Family Photographer | Unicorn sessions | Cherish This Photography |
Houston Family Photographer | Unicorn sessions | Cherish This Photography |
Houston Family Photographer | Unicorn sessions | Cherish This Photography |
Houston Family Photographer | Unicorn sessions | Cherish This Photography |
Houston Family Photographer | Unicorn sessions | Cherish This Photography |
Houston Family Photographer | Unicorn sessions | Cherish This Photography |

Ashley of Cherish This Photography is a Houston family photographer located in Houston, Texas. Ashley creates fine art, heritage images of expecting moms, newborns, and the families that love them. Serving Houston, Pearland, Heights and surrounding Texas communities.

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